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Kangaroos is the host of a fanfiction multiverse created by a writer named Ava. Most of the works are unwritten fanfiction, however, are publically available.

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One popular aspect of the PreCure community is the FanCure community, also known as OriCure (オリキュア), short for Original Cure, in Japan. It is when writers, illustrators, and other types of artists give a shot at creating their own fanmade Pretty Cure. FanCures have basically consumed almost half of my life because I have over 35 teams of Pretty Cure.

I started making Pretty Cure fanfiction on FANDOM in 2015, because the year before, I was active on the Lalaloospy Fanon wiki, so I had a bit of experience already. I edited it little by little until it spiked in 2019 when I decided to expand on one of the four series I had a lot. That series was Chojo Gensho Pretty Cure!. Suddenly four turned into seven turned into twelve until I had twenty-four series overall.

Pretty Cure is now one of my special interests, which has inspired my interests in coding and fanfiction.

I have three timelines of Pretty Cure, but the one I focus on the most is the Euphoria Timeline. It "branches off from the real world" in 2016, meaning the series Happy Happy Pretty Cure! airs instead of Witchy Pretty Cure!, and most of my other fanseries follow suit. There is also a timeline based on a fake manga series which doesn't have a name, as well as a completely different timeline that "branches off from the real world" in 2020 called Kirameki Magic.

Here is a list of series which I think reflect my work the best:

  • Happy Happy Pretty Cure!: A series that aired in "2016". A city girl named Mariko Ito moves to the small town of Yozora, but soon finds out what she is a chosen one to become one of five legendary Cures. She and four other girls that have to restore happiness in the kingdom of Friendgale. The Cures are Cure Glitter, Blaze, Twirl, Terra, and Seashell, and the mascot is Sato.
    • Fun fact: The series was purposely based on Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Smile Pretty Cure! because I thought another rainbow quintet would be the next Pretty Cure series.
  • Chojo Gensho Pretty Cure!: Pretty much Ghostbusters but as Pretty Cure. The biggest differences between the anime and the Ghostbusters is that they aren't straight white men, they're Japanese anime girls. It follows most of the beat points of Ghostbusters before doing some Real Ghostbusters adaptations.
    • Fun fact: One of the characters, Sakuya, had the original name of Keiko Ideguchi, and I keep accidentally calling her that.


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